IPYS Ravenscroft Crystal Carved DOF Rocks Whiskey Glass


IPYS Ravenscroft Crystal Carved DOF Rocks Whiskey Glass

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Experience the incredible luxury of Ravenscroft Crystal. Ravenscroft Crystal combines the qualities of old-world European craftsmanship with a modern understanding of how the shape of a glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience. Ravenscroft glassware designs are developed out of the deepest respect and are hand-blown in nearly 30 different styles; each of which are the result of thousands of years of glass making trial-and-error. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the bouquet and taste of the spirit for which it was made. “Pure, Clean Crystal” Over the past four decades, wine and spirits glass design has experienced a renaissance. Recently, scientists discovered the dangers of lead crystal, most significantly when storing spirits for an extended period in decanters, allowing lead to leach into the contents. Originally, lead oxide was added to glassware as a manufacturing aid. Now, technology has progressed to the point where the addition of lead delivers little or no value to the enthusiast’s experience. Despite increasingly stronger industry warnings, several of the world’s top manufacturers continue to use lead in production. Ravenscroft Crystal’s time has come. The public now understands that lead-free crystal is the future of the glass industry. Ravenscroft is the world’s leading manufacturer of handmade, pure, clean, lead-free crystal for spirits. Our 125 year old factory in Poland has been producing lead-free crystal for the most exclusive brands of the world. The founder of Ravenscroft, Stephen Falango, has leveraged his background in Economics and Public Policy with an unbridled passion to shape the company as well as the glasses. As a young man during his Master’s studies, he became deeply committed to environmental protection, which resulted in his dedication to lead-free crystal. From the carver: Our lead-free etched whiskey glasses by Ravenscroft are a gorgeous upgrade for the true whiskey, scotch or bourbon lover. Deeply carved using our sand carving technique, each double old fashioned glass is meticulously custom made to order making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for whiskey lovers – men and women alike. A set of these etched lead-free whiskey glasses will be the favorite gift at any special gift giving occasion. Our lead-free Ravenscroft whiskey glasses measure 4′ high and hold 11 ounces of your favorite spirit. This quality crystal double old fashioned glass adds weight and style to your whiskey glass with a beautiful bubble feature in the center of the sham. We recommend hand washing your Ravenscroft whiskey glasses.

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